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Roses Are Red Blah Blah Blah Coffee Coffee Cup


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Roses Are Red Blah Blah Blah Coffee Coffee Cup 11oz white ceramic

Tired of boring mugs that don’t express you? Check out the Roses are Red Blah Blah Blah Coffee Cup. This hilarious mug will have you LOLing in your morning coffee run. Perfect for that friend who never knows what to say – now every time they sip their drink, they can utter the phrase “roses are red blah blah blah coffee”. Every day has its stresses, but this quirky ceramic mug is here to remind you not to take yourself too seriously and to laugh it off with a hot beverage on hand. Plus, it’ll look great on those Instagram stories too! Get yours today and break up whatever boring routine you’ve been doing for way too long. Forget “I love Mondays” – bring your Roses Are Red Blah Blah Blah Coffee Cup and make a statement everyone will remember.

Weight 1 lbs
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