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Do you sell merchandise online for your brand, business, or organization? Do you have to purchase items in quantities and store or warehouse these items? Do you end up with dead inventory? Do you want to carry merchandise to make money for your brand or raise funds for your organization but don’t want to deal with the pain, hassles and stress of keeping up with orders or relying on someone else to do this, packing and shipping items, dealing with the customers if something is wrong? If you answered yes to these questions we have the solution for you and at no cost. Yes, no cost. It’s absolutely free for us to manage your merchandise from taking the orders and payments, creating the items, packing and shipping, as well as customer service. We build you a web page with products that you can choose such as apparel, coffee mugs, tumblers, koozies, keychains, hats, etc. etc. You can have a few products or hundreds of products. You have the ability to carry even more merchandise that you may not otherwise be able to offer, and it costs you nothing, Free. You simply receive a check for a percentage of the sales each month. It’s that easy.

We also offer solutions for live events as well. Virtual merchandising. Never worry about lost sales because you didn’t bring enough or order enough of a certain product or size.

Benefits of using us as your merchandise management team.

  • No upfront cost, no ongoing costs
  • We take the orders, create the products, and handle customer service.
  • Fulfillment services included (we professionally package everything and ship it on your behalf)
  • Monthly payments
  • Access to fee-based professional design services (logos, custom designs) if your designs aren’t up to snuff
  • Sales and marketing support
  • No inventory to purchase or store
  • No dead inventory
  • Site is up 24/7 365. You can potentially make sales around the clock and no matter the day.

The only thing that you will have to do is promote your site. You will need to promote it on all of your social medias, which is free unless you decide to pay for ads which you are certainly free to do.

Check out a few of our clients’ pages

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Speedway Indoor Karting

Driving For Dyslexia

Bam/Fam Travel Baseball & Softball

If you are ready to move forward, take the next step and relieve yourself of the day to day of merchandise sales contact us 

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